Wigton Salvation army band.

The Wigton Book and soundclips

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There are 36 stories in this book. They’re all about life in Wigton from the 1920’s to the 1970’s. That’s 50 years of Wigton’s heritage in one book of short stories!

The project and how the book happened...

The book was created so that young people like you could learn about what life was like in Wigton many years before you were born. You are surrounded by history. The town is full of it and the people around you are part of it. Many adults, especially those much older than you remember things that no longer exist. Cumbria Speaks thinks it’s important that people know about their history and what life was like in the past. The Cumbria Speaks project interviewed 21 people from Wigton. We asked those people about what their lives were like in Wigton a long time ago. Some of the people are over 90 years old.

The people talked about what things were like when they were growing up. Many things were different. Most people didn’t have running water or toilets in their homes and had to share with people on their street. There was a factory that made lemonade and another factory that made clothes. Wigton had a gas house that made gas for the cookers and streetlights. None of those places are here now.

Working on the book...

When the interviews were done we chose little bits of the recordings that made interesting stories for young people like you. One example was Joseph Hardon talking about going to see the World War 2 planes being broken up at Kirkbride. Here is the clip for you to listen to.

Sound clips like this one were turned into short stories. The young people of St Cuthbert’s RC Primary School and Thomlinson Junior school listened to the sound clips and read the stories. They chose a story and did the pictures to go with it.

Francis Szpunar did this picture to go with the story   

Here are some sound clips from interviews. Below is Freddy Haney and the Ashcarts
Then below that is Mary Ashurst the usherette and following that is George Scott's
stinging nettles. Keep on listening. There are more to come...

A Red Coat – Mary Heslam

Miss Iveson’s ruler – Joe Grainger

Miss Iveson’s ruler – Joe Grainger

The War Bride – Nella Graham
Skating in clogs – Joyce Meppem